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Once you've interviewed family members, resist the temptation to rush online to the treasure trove of records and archives and instead draw your family tree by hand. Some of it could be true and some of it could be complete rubbish. Now, Adolph recommends going online see panel where birth, death, marriage and census records can be studied, along with an array of other records. These can help to link a generation as they will contain the names of previous generations. When using genealogy websites, Adolph insists its imperative not to rely on modern transcriptions of age-old records. If you're struggling to make a breakthrough and have reached a dead end, Adolph recommends trying to grow your lower branches before tracing farther back.

More can be found out about your relatives if they were unfortunate enough to live in a workhouse or if they came up against the authorities.

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Learn more about Anthony Adolph's work at anthonyadolph. There's a solid chance that Ancestry. The site's Learning Center offers FAQs and other tips for getting started with your research, or click the Hire an Expert button on the main menu bar to be directed to ProGenealogists. A new service called AncesStory offers to scour genealogical resources for a very reasonable fee and, as their name implies, give you a bit more of the story behind your ancestors.

You won't have to wait months for the results, either. Together they have more than five decades of experience delving into family histories as far back as 30 generations and 1, years. They are also among the small army of genealogist volunteers ready to delve through the census data to make it more accessible to the rest of us in the coming months and years. Because of our family connection you may believe I have an ulterior motive in writing about the service, but I would never recommend any product or service if I didn't firmly believe it was worthwhile, regardless of who was behind it.

Get to Know Your Family Tree.

Rather than linking to searchable genealogical resources, AncesStory offers to do the researching for you. To get a free consultation about the services Bill and Becky can offer you, fill out a simple online form with your name, an e-mail address, and a brief comment on the information you're looking for.

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  • That's a fraction of the rate charged by ProGenealogists. Their results are in your hands in a matter of a week or two rather than months.

    How to trace your family tree | Financial Times

    You're provided with a full family-tree PDF in chart and book form, a detailed ancestral report, and a list of all the resources the researchers discovered. To give you an idea of the type of research AncesStory offers, here's a typical project, as recounted by Bill:. Bill and Becky may even travel to local courthouses and cemeteries in their quest for your lost ancestors.

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    During a trip to Faribault, Minnesota, the researchers found the grave of our mutual great-great-grandparents, who had sailed from Ireland. A place to get your feet wet in family sleuthing -- and then some If you prefer to roll your own ancestral research, you'll find that much of the genealogical information offered for a price by Ancestry. You don't even have to create an account at the site, though there are plenty of benefits for doing so.

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    Like Ancestry. You can also search by relationship spouse or parent , or by "batch number.

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    Unlike Ancestry. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. Courses Home. Lifestyle BBC online. How can I search my family tree online? Spread the word If you want to be a bit more proactive, then the BBC's Family History website is a good place to begin.

    source url Archives and census info You may have seen people on television checking the national archives and, in particular, the census details. WebWise Team WebWise was first launched in and since then has helped people of all ages to learn about and love the internet.