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It looked like a brick, had a little flipper thing for the microphone and had a green LCD display lol. Jul 26, at AM Last edited: Jul 26, Jul 26, at PM Acrotomophilia Capodecina Joined: Aug 29, Posts: 15, A nokia was my first and now i have a nokia n95 and due to countless accidents ive gone through 35 phones in total over the years.

Aug 3, at PM Although the upcoming SE phones look pretty good, might fancy a change. My first phone was a Dancall, still got it kicking around Current phone is N My first one was the Nokia 5. Aug 4, at AM Ericsson GA 2.

Panasonic EB-GD87 User Manual

Ericsson SH 3. Nokia 4.

Sony Ericsson P 6. Aug 4, at PM First phone was a Nokia about 10 years ago: Have a Samsung D at the moment which im looking to upgrade asap.

Panasonic GD87 / GU87

My first phone was a nokia now i'm on a samsung e Had a few inbetween but never another nokia as I didnt like the first one! Aug 5, at AM You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. My feelings towards my T68 have been dropping for a while now, the screen kinda annoys me with its pale colours, and its all too quickly becoming dated.

Panasonic - KX-TGD59x Telephone series - How to Set the date and time

Posted by shklar1 Guys, you got to read this Posted by panda Orange will be releasing GD87 in October at pounds with a contract. Compare this with: Nokia - k pixels SonyEricsson Communican MCA20 - k pixels Sharp GX-1 to be released from O2 - k pixels Now these figures look miserable compared to proper digital cameras which offer something like 3. Camera phones will not replace digital cameras anyway, it is only used as an accessory for a mobile phone. So we have to compromise on resolution. Even camera phones in Japan have either k or k pixels resolution and people are satisfied with them.

Posted by kogos great phone. Posted by New Beetle E-mailed Orange UK about GD87 and in good old orange fashion they will probably say that the handset is being tested and cannot give a firm release date. Anyway will let you all know if I get a reply Posted by kogos any news about gd89???

Posted by orang3 errm..

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Posted by jb Quote: Now these figures look miserable compared to proper digital cameras which offer something like 3. It's not primarily resolution that is the problem, it's the quality of the pictures. There are cheap digi-cams that support like x but they are just toys because the quality sucks. Posted by New Beetle Surely these cameras on phones are not meant for serious photo's?

Panasonic phones

I think you miss the point. Its about spur of the moment fun snapshots to send tyo your friends and family? I wouldn't have thought anyone would actually expect the built in cameras to perform like a stand alone camera? I think I'll forget P and get this one A: It depends on the number of pictures and video clips you have stored in the phone.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Mobile keypad gets real

If you only store MMS messages it can store probably around 30 messages. Q: Can we attach pictures or video clips to that we take the built-in camera? However certain motion pictures can be attached to the messages. Can anyone confirm this?

Posted by lmi I don't think it can record video but it seems it can play it I wish it had Posted by jucame Any news on this mobile? Posted by riflogic Looks so nice, but still I am waiting for UMTS compatible phones to hit the market [ This Message was edited by: riflogic on ] Posted by jucame Today, in "Connect" Magazine Spain October number, big one page add on Panasonic GD87, is allready in web page, check it out.

Any more news out there on this mobile? T, this is the phone I will get I so will get this once it come out Hopefully it comes out before i go back in Canada so I can use it there!!!

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  7. I can now replace my T68 with this gem Let's keep this thread alive for more information. I am sure this one has an SMS alert tone loud Anyways, guys how were previous Panasonic phones when speed is concerned?? Cause one thing i dont like in T68 is it lags a lot unlike Nokia. How's panasonic on that matter? Posted by riflogic Actually I am wondering whats the user interface is like in Panasonic phones??

    Panasonic phones

    Posted by riflogic By the way it is missing Bluetooth and an Infra-red port so it will be annoying exchanging data as data cable is the only option available. Further more, no GSM band. Posted by jucame Some people guarantee is triband is not true?