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  1. Frequently Asked Divorce Questions | Minnesota Divorce Law
  2. Toppling 12 Myths of Divorce in Minnesota
  3. Innocent Spouse Relief: What to Do If Your Spouse Has Tax Debt

This document contains the final judgment on the division of property, child custody, child support and spousal support.

Frequently Asked Divorce Questions | Minnesota Divorce Law

A Note about Forms If the parties have reached an agreement and they do not desire to proceed with a lengthy trial they can use Rocket Lawyer's easy interview process to complete a Divorce Settlement Agreement outlining all the details the division of property, assets, debts and liabilities and settling matters of child support, custody and visitation. You can access most of the necessary divorce forms at the Minnesota Judicial Branch website.

Divorce Procedure -- What Happens? - MN Divorce Lawyer

Remember, there may be additional documents required by your county's circuit court, so please check with your circuit court before filing to assure that you have all the correct forms. If you feel like you need more help, you can use Rocket Lawyer to Find a Lawyer who's right for you.

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  3. Forms to Use to File for Divorce or Before the Divorce is Final.
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Toppling 12 Myths of Divorce in Minnesota

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    Your attorney's hourly rate—plus the rate of any paralegals and other firm staff—factored with the total time spent on your divorce case will determine the amount of attorneys' fees you'll pay. Other expenses include fees for things like court filings, the cost of copying and sharing documents, and compensation for expert witnesses and consultants like child custody evaluators, appraisers, or financial analysts.

    Since Minnesota is a no-fault state, the only "ground" for divorce used in Minnesota is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage; the extra cost of having to prove adultery, abandonment, or a similar fault doesn't come into play. However, spouses who have minor children or a high-net worth generally have higher divorce costs than the state average. The most expensive category of divorce in Minnesota is one involving children. However, costs for divorce with children are significantly lower for spouses who are able to reach a settlement before trial than those who go to divorce court to let a judge resolve their disputes.

    Whether or not minor children are involved, divorces in Minnesota that involve a dispute over alimony also cost more than the average. In alimony disputes, spouses often disagree on how much the working spouse actually makes or how much the non-working spouse should be able to earn. In Minnesota, non-marital property is generally not subject to division.

    Innocent Spouse Relief: What to Do If Your Spouse Has Tax Debt

    The burden of proving that an asset is non-marital property is on the spouse asserting the non-marital claim. In the case of an inheritance, you will want to ensure that the donor intended for the inheritance to go only to one spouse. If the intent was for the inheritance to go to both parties, there is no non-marital claim. During the free consultation, we will discuss your situation, goals, and options.

    Equitable Distribution and Asset Division

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