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There is a list of the towns referred to in postal addresses, with a brief description. The book also includes the History, description and leadership of Associations, Clubs, Lodges and Schools, a List of Police officers, and a List of Civil Servants across the island, showing their positions, departments, and Post Office addresses.

Lists of White Families introduced into Jamaica from to under several Acts that were passed in England to encourage settlers to move to the island. List One consisted of families, for a total of individuals,described as "white families and artificers. See link to List One below in "Immigration.

Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems

For most of them the list shows when and where they settled, and how many acres of land they received. See link to List Two below in "Immigration.

These Returns provide the details of each grant: date, name, number of acres, legal description of the location, boundaries, and owners of adjoining properties. There are grants altogether including one to Nanny, a famous leader of the Maroons. See link to the lists in "Immigration. Refugees from St. Domingue began to arrive in Jamaica in Domingue was a French colony on the western part of the island of Hispaniola, an area which has since become Haiti.

When more refugees arrived in , a Roman Catholic Chapel was opened in Kingston, for the first time in about years. The refugees became the main core of that church, which also included Spaniards, Irish and English congregants. In through more French refugees arrived in Jamaica in considerable numbers. Many of them fled St. Domingue with very little but their lives. Evidence of this is seen in two lists found in Colonial Office Correspondence, viz. Names of French taken into Jamaica in , whether as Prisoners or Emigrants, Ships on which captured, or place from which sailed, Military or personal status, Weekly subsistence and financial aid.

See also the Letter to the Earl of Balcarres from Marquis Caduch concerning the situation of the French in Jamaica in , and a proclamation from the governor's office. A Return of the Number of Patents for Land granted in Jamaica from January to December with the names of persons to whom granted, the quantity of land, and the parish where situated. Return of Immigrants who arrived in the island of Jamaica from the 30th September to the 30th September under the immigration Act 4th Victoria Chapter There were 1, immigrants listed in the report, and they were grouped by families. The official report gave the name of the Ship or Vessel, and the Port from whence it came.

Flight delay compensation is big money

It listed the date and place of arrival in Jamaica. The name and age of each immigrant was listed, and sometimes the trade or calling was included. Newspaper reports provided additional information on some of the immigrants, including their nationalities. For the passenger lists for the 13 ships on which they arrived, please use the link to "Immigration" below. In Sir Thomas Modyford, who was then Governor of Jamaica, sent back to England a Survey listing the landowners in the island, and the number of acres that they had patented.

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  • The data for the Survey had been compiled by the Receiver General from land patents and the annual rents due to the Crown. It has been reproduced here. There is also a map of the island. This is a hand-drawn version of a map showing patents etc. Dickson has numbered and transcribed the names and information written on each parcel on the map, and placed the numbers on the map, so that the information can be easily read and tied together.

    This list has been prepared from the names listed on a map of Kingston for See link below. It provides the name of the landowners, noting whether they were deceased , the name of the property where available , details on the number of acres planted in sugar, coffee, cotton, food crops, etc.

    Please see link below. A list of landholders, together with the number of acres each person possessed taken from the Quit Rent Books in the year Over 1, property owners are listed. For each name, the number of acres held in each parish is listed. Some held land in several parishes. It was sent by Governor Knowles with a letter dated 31st December Thousands of names of properties, most of which were the names of the owners, have been extracted from maps for and and keyed to coordinates on the maps so that they can be located.

    These lists concerning St. James are among documents and schedules presented by C.

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    Long, Esq. They contain notes on statistics by Edward Long. They are the most detailed lists available on the inhabitants of St. James at the time. The first is a list of Sugar Estates; the Names of their Owners; number of men there able to bear arms, number of women and children, slaves, stock; sugar production.

    It gives the Name of the landowner, profession, and the same numbers as the first list.

    Jamaican Family Search Genealogy Research Library- home page

    The third is a list of "Housekeepers" who possessed slaves and stock, providing once again the Name and Profession and the same numbers as the first list. A list prepared by a contributor, compiled from various sources, containing the names of some properties and property owners in Hanover in A list prepared by order of the House of Assembly, containing the names of persons who had slaves and stock, and the numbers thereof, dated June 15, Data on the children at the Royal Military Asylum Chelsea, who were sponsored by the West India Regiment, and whose fathers had served in the Regiment.

    The details of a census taken in Hanover have surfaced among some Colonial Office files. The census was undertaken following a circular sent to all the parishes by the Governor requesting information about their populations.

    1,000 years of history

    The counting began in It included all persons of free condition, "distinguishing their colour, ages and places of residence. In the fleeing Spaniards freed their slaves. The slaves fled to the interior mountains. They were later called "Maroons" probably from the Spanish word "cimarron" meaning "wild, untamed".

    The numbers of the original Maroons were increased by the addition of runaway slaves who escaped their English masters. The Maroons sometimes raided the English plantations. Skirmishes between the English and the Maroons continued, finally escalating into Maroon Wars in and ending with the signing of Treaties. Commissioners were appointed for the several Maroon townships and settlements. The Returns contain the names of about people, and provide the ages of most of them.

    Some of the Maroons were also slaveholders, and their slaves were included in the Returns. This list includes the country of origin of the inhabitants. In many of these families were transferred from the island of Anguilla in the Leeward Islands to Jamaica to increase the number of settlers here. This is the complete text of J. Lawrence-Archer's book. Written in it contains over pages. There are tombstones and monuments from Jamaica pages , Barbados ; all the inscriptions on the island through , Antigua ; 26 inscriptions , St.

    Christopher ; 10 inscriptions , and British Guiana ; 7 inscriptions. In addition to inscriptions, the author provided family trees, chronological data, lists of governors, and other details which are interesting as well as useful to those doing Caribbean genealogy. The author's Index is included and may be used for locating names that appear in the book by page number as well as using the general Search function.